Disdier is not common surname, and almost unknown in Spain; that is the reason that I started looking for its origins, whithin my possibilities, and also how it was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula, work quite difficult and practically impossible, since I have a few familiar data of my previous generations. Therefore I encouraged myself to make this page with the purpose to spread this surname and to recive some more information about it.

The etimology of Disdier surname it might come from the variant of the italian name Desiderio, Desideri (Latin Desiderius), prural form Disderi, quite rare and very located in the west of Piamonte (Italy), and being used like name Didier in France. An important french origin can't be excluded, that it becames to concretely find in the Disdier form as surname in the Hight Alps region and with greater diffusion in the zone of influence of the city of Gap.

In Spain, the oldest information is in the General Militar Archives of Segovia city, in who they appear several personal records corresponding to a militar gentleman with this surname with dates  and corps from the spanish army, being the following ones:

* Disdier Megías, Enrique.- Military services 1849
* Disdier Megías, (  ).- Military services 1844
* Disdier Megías, Juan Bautista.- Military services 1849
* Disdier y Megías, Manuel.- Military services 1835
(As it is possible to be deduced, they could belong to a same family).

In the rest of the World there are people with this surname in USA  and Puerto Rico, without discarding that they exist in other countries that by lack of means I have not been able to verify.

However, it is a surname very little disclosed all over the World, as we see next:






















In Spain and Puerto Rico, they are not including the people who they have as second Disdier surname.

NOTE: In the previous statistic it can be about 10% - 15 % of error because  that has been stracted of a single source of information.





* André Disdier - Landscape painter (More in links page)
* Michel Disdier- Race car pilot (More in links page)



* Francois-Michel Disdier - Surgeon (1708-1781) (More in links page)
* Cornille Disdier, Emile Disdier, Marcel Disdier, Marius Disdier - Their names are on the monument in remenber of the dead people in the 1st World War 1914-1918 (Gap City-Higth Alps).
* Daniel Eugène Disdier - Appear in the War Memorial Monument of the 1st  World War 1914-1918 in Levallois town (Near de Paris).
* Ernest Disdier - Soldier died in the 2nd Wold War (He has dedicated the street "Rue Ernest Disdier" in Oraison, in  Alpes-du-Sud region).


Puerto Rico

* Edmundo Disdier - Musician and  composer  (More in links page)
* Jo Disdier - Artis of the year 2002 from Puerto Rico (More in links page)


* Jacinto Disdier - Leutenant, honorific mention of Distinction Shield 1826 granted by His Majesty who gave to the troops and citizens in Puerto Rico and Cuba by his adhesion to the Spanish Crown.
* Alfredo Disdier Pacheco - Aguas Buenas Mayor (1927-1929).




* Juan de Cárcer y Disdier - Natural of Málaga, Real Madrid doorman (1911-1915) and trainer of the same team (1920-1926). A branch of this family was located in Mexico (Mariano de Cárcer y Disdier- He wrote "Apuntes para la Historia de la Transculturación Indoespañola")

* José Nagel Disdier - Diputy by Málaga (1.911)


I have verify there are many people whith this surname working in the medicine science, 



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